Press Release MBW

This press release is to inform all participants in MBW, the revenue share program for Multibuy, what the current situation is with regards to the continuation, strength and future for this business unit. We hope that after reading this you will have a greater understanding as to why we have had to run MBW in the way we have done since February of this year and that you will have confidence in our plans for the future and be inspired with what we are prioritising currently in MB8 coin.

First, we would like to thank all our early adopters and members for the patience and trust you have shown in our company.

We would like to take this opportunity to reassure you all that MBW is going to relaunch and carry on business.

Multibuy see our advertising section MBW, as an intrinsic, powerful and very lucrative part of our complete strategy and route to market.

We have unfortunately been practically put on hold because of reasons outside of our control and the suspension of trading on our Bank accounts. The Bank has acted with due diligence as allegations and letters were written to them directly by several of our own members. These letters were questioning our credibility and integrity as a business. This resulted in our MBW accounts being frozen while these investigations are being conducted. Sadly, it was the actions of a few of these disgruntled people that has resulted in most of the happy participants losing out. We are working hard to remedy this situation and hope to have some positive news for you very soon.

We wanted to let every member know that these investigations will be completed with a positive result for MBW and our accounts will at that point be released for the commencement of payments. Our plan is then to continue with the advertising side of our strategy, but we also see this as an opportunity to revamp and improve our platform upon relaunch. We are very excited to be able to get started again. A time frame unfortunately can not be given at this moment but please be assured that the Multibuyworld Company is doing all necessary to be back as fast as they can.

We have realised this is a testing time for members, team builders and leaders alike and wish for you all to know that you will all be rewarded for your patience and trust.

Information MB8Coin

MB8 Coin is a completely separate and independent section of the business and has been set up this way to protect every part of the group individually. The MB8 Coin launch has had to take main priority and focus as it is so important that every legal matter is taken care of for the regulatory compliance of our coin. We have an agreement in principle with the Maltese financial bodies acting with and on behalf of the government and it is looking likely that we will be the first private regulated cryptocurrency in the world.

The Multibuygroup is evolving and we could not have imagined how far we have come in such a short period of time. We hope you are all able to take advantage of the launch of our MB8 Coin but also know that we needed to give you an official statement on the reasons why MBW has made the decisions that have affected you thus far.

We will be back! We will be stronger!
We will have a new potential member base from the cryptocurrency world
You will all be very happy as our MB8 Coin hits the exchanges

You will all have a great opportunity with MBW relaunch as soon as E-Money release our accounts and we relaunch with great momentum.