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We are now at the start of the ICO period. The Marketing is progressing at a rapid rate. You are now able to collect free tokens by helping us spread the word regarding MB8 Coin or just by following our Facebook, YouTube and other social channels where Mb8 coin is promoted.

The MB8 Coin is now fully accepted form the people in the Crypto World that is helping us to promote it. We are moving forward at great speed. There is still a lot of work that needs to be done but we are in the best possible position to make MB8 Coin a great success for you and all the Multibuy family.

To give you the best chance to make a good profit from the MB8 Coin, we started a pre ICO which allows you to buy the MB8 Coin now for only 20 Cent (€0.20). You only need to go to the website and purchase the MB8 Coin right now. The chance to buy the MB8 Coin for this fantastic price of 20 Cent (€0.20) will only last until 18th of June 2018, after that the price for MB8Coin will increase. Please read the “White Paper” for a full explanation. You can find the “White Paper” on our website

Earn Commission on Selling MB8Coin

You can also earn commission by recommending and selling the MB8 Coin to your friends, family and new customers. To earn commission, you need to get a sponsor link from your upline or the company Multibuy. When you received the link, you will need to register yourself and forward your own “sponsor link” which you created to your friends, family and new customers. This will give them the chance to buy MB8 Coin for a fantastic price.

How to get my Sponsor Link to sell MB8Coin

If you do not receive your “sponsor link” from your Sponsor in MBW then feel free to send an email with your full name, phone number and email address to following email address: and you will receive a sponsor link in order to register yourself and then start to selling MB8 Coin.

How Much you can Earn in Selling MB8 Coin

Earnings are possible on 2 Levels. Each direct sale you will earn 10% and each indirect sale you will earn 5%.

Two Ways to get Paid Commissions

  1. Commissions are paid out in MB8 Coins. You can trade your MB8 Coins internally in our Sales group; There you will get paid out in the currency with whom you are dealing with in the internal group. This will all be done online and is very easy to complete. Register yourself and you will see how easy it will be to earn great commission selling MB8 Coin.
  2. If you are holding your MB8 Coin back and are not selling your MB8 Coin into the internal Sales group, then you will have the chance to earn on your MB8 Coin when we go to an official Crypto Currency Exchange Platform. Important Notice: On the Crypto Currency exchange Platform your MB8 Coin can either go up or go down. Crypto Currency is always a high risk and you can lose all. This is depending on the official market and how the market is reacting on our MB8 Coin. But of course, we as a company are doing all so that the market will react in the best possible way on our MB8 Coin. Everybody wants to make Money, so we will do everything in our power so that the official Market reacts in the best way; giving our MB8 Coin the best opportunity to move up to a high value.

An example how much you could earn on the exchange Platform with you MB8 Coin

If you are selling right now 100,000 MB8 Coins at 20 Cent (€0.20) each, this will cost the purchaser €20,000. Your commission of 10% commission will be paid out to you in the amount of 10.000 MB8Coin. Let us assume the MB8 Coin will go up on the official crypto Currency exchange to “only” €10 in Value per MB8 Coin and you could sell it for this amount on the official Exchange Platform, that would give you €100,000. That is fantastic earning potential. Imagine if you increased your sales to 1,000,000 MB8 Coins, that would give you a commission of 100,000 MB8 Coins earning you €1,000,000 if you sold at €10 per MB8 Coin!

Note: This example is based on a direct sale, imagine how much more you could earn indirect with a sales force working for you at 5%

Important Notice: It is not allowed to promote our commission payment system for MB8Coin on Social Networks like Facebook, Twitter etc. You can only promote this in your Internal Sales Team.


Promotion / Commission Account

Multibuyworld is coming back stronger than ever. In the next 1 or 2 weeks people can pay the monthly service fees from their promotion or commission account.

Converting EC into EC Plus (MB8Coin)

To thank all MBW members that have been with us from the first year and have faced an exciting but also complicated startup, we as company have made the decision that your ordinary Eurocredit which you earned from ordering advertisement (Pr packages) with MBW up to the 8th February 2018 can be converted to Eurocredit Plus. When we launch officially on a Crypto Currency Platform, your Eurocredit Plus will be converted into our fantastic MB8 Coin.

To make this conversion happen, you will receive an official email from the company in the upcoming weeks. This email will need to be signed and sent back to our company. As you can see, all things are progressing step by step and in the best way possible for you as a member of Multibuyworld.

New Multibuyworld Website

We are also working on a new Multibuyworld Website which will give our members a fresh new image of Multibuyworld. To make the best opportunity for our members, we will need to take a little more time before going full speed ahead with Multibuyworld again. We will keep you updated with all the new exciting changes to the site. Just keep in mind that we will be back stronger than ever thanks to our own MB8 Coin and thanks to the trust of all our members and their customers.

Eurocredit Classic

Eurocredit Classic for companies will receive a new look with New Marketing Material and a New Website which will be more functional and easier to navigate for People in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Austria. We have a lot of great ideas and are now working on them to turn them into reality.

Eurocredit Classic will support the MB8 Coin; allowing it to get to the top and beyond. For that reason, we are making as said before “New Marketing Material”, “New Website” for the Travel and Ecommerce platforms. This will take time during the summer, but it will be completed. In the meanwhile, our Sales Force will concentrate fully on selling the MB8 Coin. But of course, every Sales Person can still sell Eurocredit Classic with the Material that is already in the Market.

We will back the Eurocredit Classic and make it a big success. Because together with Eurocredit Classic our MB8 Coin will reach a high volume and so everyone will earn more money.
Accordingly, as we change our Multibuyworld Website, we will include for all our new and current customers a lot of great things to become more efficient.


Translations for our Website regarding Travel and Ecommerce will be done in the next 3 weeks. Translations in Danish, English, Spanish, French and German. After these translations are implemented a lot of things will be much easier for our Sales Force their customers.

The Multibuy App is a success

The new Multibuy App is available on Appstore or google play where you can see all our partners worldwide and even collect a free app bonus of 100 Eurocredit, that is on offer for all who download the app and register. Also, this app will get better and better to keep in line with the wishes from our members.


With our new Partners Blockchain Scotland we made MB8 Coin happen. We believe this will make a lot of people happy and give them great earnings or even make them become financially Independent. The world is creating more and more regulations on Crypto currencies and we believe a lot of Crypto currencies that are on the market right now will be forced out of the market. We as a company have fulfilled all requirements to be fully compliant in the crypto world. MB8 Coin will stay on the Market and succeed to fulfill the dreams and wishes of all our members. Thanks to our great Partners Blockchain Scotland, we are on the right road going in the right direction. Blockchain Scotland has done a great job (as you can see when you read the “White Paper”) but most of all they made the MB8 Coin a valuable Token right now in the Crypto World and for that reason we will succeed.

Take your chance and be full speed on board. As written above if you did not receive your Sponsor Link then send an email to and you will receive a sponsor link. There you can register and sell MB8 Coin to your Friends and Family and New Customers to give them the possibility for a great financial Future.


Multibuy Marketing Team

Note of Risk:

Cryptocurrencies are high risk and may not be suitable for everyone. You can lose some or all your money, so never risk more than you can afford to lose. The FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) does not regulate the Cryptocurrency market. This means you do not have the protection of financial regulations.

Past performance and forecasts are not reliable indicators of future results. Profits from converting cryptocurrencies back into fiat currency may be subject to Capital Gains Tax.

If unsure about anything then please consult qualified advice.

Multibuy and its affiliates do not provide any guarantees in connection with the programs, services, products or their results. No financial distributions, revenues, results or profit payments are guaranteed by Multibuy.

Multibuy Marketing Team