An exciting year has started for Multibuy and Multibuyworld, our company is ready to make this the best year ever, bringing in even more income streams to our business model and more exiting business opportunities to our customers and partners.

After a lot of effort and hard work, Multi-Buy is now ready to launch their unique loyalty program worldwide. As a result, a sales training overview was held at the start of February 2018 in Barcelona with 90 affiliates. These People are now ready to bring shops, companies and new travel partners into the exciting loyalty program, EUROCREDIT and EUROCREDIT PLUS. The Multi-Buy Eurocredit program has been driven by the massive success in Italy for the last 13 years. We now have more than 2000 retail shops, restaurants and travel companies in the loyalty program in Italy with more than 200.000 returning customer.

We have our own specialist trainer, Terry James creating a new sales force globally. The whole training program is provided in English and easy to follow. If you are interested in being a part of our sales force, please email for further information. We are globally seeking 450 direct sales agents. We are happy to announce the Eurocredit program has crossed over the Italian border into new countries like Denmark United Kingdom, Belgium, Spain, France, Afrika, Australia, Japan, Germany, Austria, Polen, Russia, Rumania, Portugal and much more countries and more to follow.

February was also the year where we celebrated our 1st Year Anniversary. Its was held in the stunning location, Tivoli Friheden in Denmark with over 500 members attending. It was an enormous pleasure to see everyone that attended. We had the opportunity to personally speak to many members during a buffet meal after the event. We are proud to see the strong involvement in our business of all our members and are already looking forward celebrating the second anniversary with Multibuy. There were many fantastic pictures taken at the event. to view them go to news.

When we launched Multibuyworld on the 20th February 2017, there were some founder positions available for the first members to our new concept called Founders Club Super account). To accommodate our members, we have now extended the new super account from 36 to 60 months. It is now available on your profile under the heading Super account.

Multibuyworld is improving everyday and will be stronger than ever in the future

We are right now developing New Income Streams to strengthen our business model for Multibuyworld in the future. Our vision is that the Revshare will rise to higher levels than ever seen before in Multibuyworld, coming back with new features and updated technology. With any business expansion, there are always extra capital expenditures. This has affected our Revshare temporarily. In the future you can expect higher Revshare and provision for a long term business,which will be a great benefit for our members. Two major projects are Eurocredit loyalty program going global and to follow the hottest markets trends, we will meet the future with our upcoming Crypto Currency.

We are introducing new partners to our business circle and have added even more bank connections

We have taken in a third party accounting company to ensure high safety in all our bookkeeping and to strengthen us going into the Crypto stock exchange. When we are dealing with large amounts of payments in and out of our accounts, there is a certain amount of administration and control attached. Right now all accounts and identity checks are done one by one to secure the company and members in best way. In this control/administration period we have decided to put a hold on payouts from Multibuyworld in order to speed up the process to complete the new bookkeeping controls and bank process. All other payouts from EC plus EC wonderland card are not affected and can be paid out like usual. We apologise for any convenience this may cause, and we are working as fast as possible to complete our control. We believe it will be a short period and only few members are affected. We have also focused on decreasing the fees and cost in different ways on the Multibuyworld platform for the future.

We have also extended our employees in the administrative office, so we can provide the best possible service when companies globally join our business circle as a Eurocredit partner. Our new app is now available on App store. Search for Multibuy and download the app with the globe icon.
The shopping platform is also ready and can be found at The platform is under Constance improvement adding a wide exiting product range in from global providers.

Kind regards,

Giancarlo Santigli CEO
Dr Kirby Raneri CFO
Gianluca Salvemini COO
Multibuy Group