In the last month Multibuy group has been working on improving costs to members. We are happy to announce, that next month we will implement our own E wallet. It’s a simple and effective way for our clients to withdraw money. This is an improved and extra option for you to withdraw money faster with lower costs for withdrawals. Furthermore in this new option, the weekly payout cap is removed and our clients can withdraw the full amount of Euros in their provision accounts.


We will soon be open for payouts on the Multibuyworld (MBW) platform. We are working as fast as possible to complete this current process. Shortly after the payout is opened, the option for paying the membership and down-line fees from the promotion account will be fully active. The exact date will be announced in an extraordinary newsletter to all our members in the near future. We are implementing a new algorithm for the daily Revshare platform and making other improvements. Very soon we will see the Revshare raise higher than the current level. With additional income streams added to our business model, our vision is that the MBW Revshare will raise to a higher level than ever seen before.


To follow the newest marked trends we will launch our own CRYPTO CURRENCY this year. It will be a unique coin like none before that can be used as payment in more than 2000 affiliated shops from day one. This has already proven its worth on the Italian market for the last 13 years as a part of Multibuy's unique loyalty program.

After a successful meeting yesterday with the Block Chain Developers, We will soon enter into the final testing phase for the chosen route to market with the our Coin. The White paper and E wallet technology is under development and news on the ICO launch can be expected in just a few weeks.

Our members are currently offered the opportunity to buy Eurocredit Plus at an unheard low cost before it goes into the ICO stage. Right now you buy Eurocredit Plus for only €0.20 each. When the ICO starts then the price will be much higher. So use your chance "Buy Eurocredit Plus" now! The ICO will come with the white paper which will be seen on the website (or maybe requested from any member).

There has never been a better time to be part of Multibuy than now.
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